24 April 2015

Little Miracle is here

Our little bundle of joy ~ baby boy was born on 2nd of April 2015, after  few hours of stressful journey he is here.

More on the story of birth and my efforts for breast feeding to come....when I have more time to sit and write.

31 March 2015

Week 37 – 41

I have been working till week 39 but at the start of the week 39 I was down with severe flu, sore throat and phlegm so I took around 1 ½ week medical till my due date. As I’m writing this now I’m 3 days passed my due date. Despite my walking, climbing stairs and active life style baby seems to be settled well inside me. Now on 31st March I personally do not want him to arrive on the 1st April. So today and tomorrow I will take it slow just being a couch potato!

In the meantime I’m under continuous monitoring for baby’s heartbeat amniotic fluid etc., to ensure he is fine inside me. I’m also at a higher dose of insulin now at 8-8-10 all 3 meals to control my blood sugar levels as well as baby’s weight. Last time he was approximately 4kgs.

By end of this week i.e. maximum by due date + 5 days I will be induced. I’m still hoping for normal delivery. As per last check with midwife baby’s head is nicely positioned and I was dilated. So I’m still hoping that things will go smoothly with the long awaited arrival of my baby!

I would also like to mention here how supportive and friendly the family clinic - Fertilitas has been all throughout my pregnancy.

24 February 2015

Week 17 – 36 – 2nd & entering 3rd Trimester

My second trimester had been pretty quiet with almost back to normal life. Feeling of flutters which slightly grew into strong kicks which then turned into movements close to the third trimester. Yes I do not feel much kicking anymore instead I feel and see my stomach moving sometimes specially after meals.

At around week 26 I had to go on a tuff hike climbing around 400 meters. I had climbed around 1500 meters in the past but this 400 meters seemed never ending hike with my pregnancy. I was a little worried after completing this challenge, as around this time I also started to feel less kicking. Thank God scan ensured everything was ok.

At around week 30 I was diagnosed with gestational diabetics. I have no explanation as to how I got these, because all I craved during the pregnancy was sour and spicy stuff. I could hardly take anything sweet. I would consume home baked cakes occasionally as snacks and I liked them because it was less sweet. Gestational diabetics means the baby gets more supply of sugar than required and he might grow big in size. Resulting in early delivery, c-section and baby having blood sugar problems after birth.

I went for a diet counselling and also had to monitor my blood sugar levels at home before and after meals. Finally my Dr referred me to a endocrinologist to control my sugar levels with medicine. But still at week 36 I have not seen the Dr as it is carnival season now everything is shut. My iron and B12 levels are also low, I feel extremely tired at times. I try to eat an egg a day and add more spinach to my diet in addition to all the multi-vitamins I take.

In the meantime scan reveals that lil fella is growing at a good speed and estimated to be slightly above the range. He was estimated to be around 2.9kg at 35 weeks.

In the meantime I have started climbing stairs (3-5 storey) and walk at least 3 km a day during week days trying my best to have a normal birth. Weight gain so far at 36 weeks 12.5 kgs.

12 November 2014

First Trimester Screening Medium Risk

Week 12- 20
I had my first trimester screening when I was 13 weeks. NT scan looked ok at 1.4mm. I also had to do a blood test, and the results from the blood test came for trisomy 13/18 as 1:305.  Below 300 is high risk and mine in border level high risk. Trisomy 21 was at 1:3989.

at 13 weeks 7.9 cm
Dr called me up for a detail discussion and had to do draw further blood for panorama testing – Non-invasive pre natal testing. Links for further reading about this test. http://www.lifelabs.com/Lifelabs_ON/Patients/TestInfo/Special/Panorama.asp

It usually takes 2 weeks to get the Panorama test results. But I had to do again after 2 weeks as in the first testing they could not find enough sample of baby's DNA. Time passed and at 16 weeks I gave another sample for panorama screening. To our surprise they could not find enough sample again!!! Apparently I'm one of the 1% of people from whom they are unable to get enough sample.

My regular Dr recommended me to do a special screening similar to anomaly scan with a fetal specialist. He measured many parts of the baby to check any abnormalities. Scan lasted for up to 15-20 minutes. Finally he said baby looks fine.

at 18 weeks 3D image
In the meantime the Lab offered to do panorama testing one more time and did not charge us for the previous 2 attempts. At 18 weeks I gave a 3rd round of blood sample for panorama screening.
Finally at week 20 we got the all clear 'Low risk' results.

Meanwhile I have gained 5 kgs so far, and still vomit even at week 20 when my stomach is empty for a long time.

I think this whole trisomy drama occurred because I had low B12. I feel it is one of the important pregnancy vitamin that is ignored by many. See link on http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/anemia-in-pregnancy

However finally I'm relieved to have the results and now trying prepare myself mentally for the arrival of Baby Boy!

15 September 2014

Week 8 – 12 & Being Vegetarian during Pregnancy (Aug - Sep)

Since last scan at week 8 things have started to get back to normal. Less nausea in morning. Occasional cramps, dizziness and headache but no more breast tenderness. I wasn’t sure. I worry all the time. AK keeps saying how much would you worry? ‘It happens if it has to happen’ That’s pretty true if I keep worrying there will be no end as this is something that will continue till… I don’t know when. (education, exams, job, wedding, birth of grandkids) Stop Worrying!

Week 9
We went to our usual Dr Pavic again. Scan was ok, things were normal. But I had to do a blood test to check Vit D, Iron levels and B12. I follow a vegetarian diet and eat egg only occasionally purely due to health reasons. Therefore these levels needed to be checked. Results came out to be Vit D low, Iron Ok, B12 low but no need of injections. I had to take Vit D supplements and I also started drinking Marmite for B12.

My diet so far…
Breakfast – Full cup milk with nescafe and ovomaltin, 1 cup Marmite, 1 Apple
Lunch – Salad, legumes, corn, rice, relatively light lunch
Dinner – Noodles with vegetables, tofu and egg
Pasta, tomato, mozzarella Rice and curry etc.,

I drink milk, eat cheese and consume legumes like lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans etc.,
I also take supplements which is Centrum Materna, Vit D and Omega 3
Week 9  Size 2.5cm
Week 11

After my scan on week 9 Dr mentioned that I could come back in a month for week 13 scan which would be Nuchal Translucency scan. I could not wait that long so went for a scan during Week 11. It was a miraculous scene! The little embryo had grown into a tiny human with small head tiny hands and tiny legs at a total length of 4.6cm (No photo)

4 September 2014

Week 6 – 8 July - Aug

Since my last scan seeing the yolk sac I had intermittent cramps and vomited again one morning. I was walking to work, on my way I had to stop vomit in a plastic bag carry it for a while till I came across a bin. Quite weird!

Close to  the scheduled scan on Week 7 I had cramps they were more frequent started on a Thursday evening last till Friday night. Some were pretty sharp. Eventhough scan showed heartbeat and good growth, I was very apprehensive specially considering my last miscarriage happened with lots of cramps. Dr keeps telling me, if you don’t bleed no need to worry. But it could happen that you aren’t bleeding due to the progesterone suppositories.
Week 7
Around week 8 I did not experience much symptoms. I prepared myself mentally and my hubby as I did not want to get it as a shock via the scan. We went to the scan and I told Dr that I’m not sure due to lack of symptoms. Dr directly did a ultrasound scan. (all this time scan was intrauterine) Surprise!! It was quietly growing.
Week 8  15.9mm
Btw anybody out there reading my posts?

19 August 2014

Week 4 – Week 6 _ July 2014

On the following week from the Beta test we had a pre-planned summer holidays. So my next scan was not until I’m back from our holidays. Usually when we are on holidays we do a lot of walking this holiday was no exception. I had also pre-planned a small hike to a national park by Mediterranean sea. I checked with the Dr and we did the hike as planned. I did it slower than my normal pace. I did not have much symptoms other than usual bloating caused by the estrogen patches.

Week 6 – At the beginning of this week I experienced more cramps and vomited orange liquid in the morning. I take my pregnancy multi vitamins (I find centrum has a complete package) and Omega 3. Since I do not eat fish I take them. The fish oil usually worsens the nausea. We had our first scan with another Gyne as our regular Dr too was on summer vacation.
Yolk Sac at 6 weeks

18 August 2014

2 Weeks Wait July 2014

Day 2 after D1 transfer - we went on a shopping trip. So I did moderate amount of walking but I did not carry any heavy stuff. A was not happy about me walking on the next day but I took it as usual. Walking should not be harmful right?

Day 3 Usual regular activity watering plants, cooking etc., One thing I remember is we had a big fight over some minor issue. Later I regretted this thinking I stressed myself too much.

Day 4 After lunch I felt a twinging pain in my lower abdomen. For a minute I felt happy then googled and realized it’s too early for implantation to occur.

Day 9 Felt a bit of cramps like period it was also the time for my period.

Day 12 I get a weird pain just before bowel movement around the time of my period. I had a similar pain. Later I also noticed a line of blood, pinkish in tissue.

Day 13 Blood test. Positive Again, HCG of 147  to be repeated to confirm. I’m skeptical due my past experience.

HCG to be repeated in 2 days which was HCG of 398 fairly good because it has more than doubled. I’m 4 weeks PUPO (Pregnant until proven otherwise). 

FET Frozen Embryo Transfer - July 2014

Everything is beneficial it is a quote in Bhagawat Geeta we grew up hearing this. Since the last MC I took a break from all these TTC efforts. Focused myself in outdoor activities climbing greater heights. During my last pregnancy even though I was for only 8 week I gained some weight. Since I’m a foodie I used pregnancy as an excuse of binge. But taking a break helped me to shed all that excess weight. Not only that I also started working full time again. I never imagined that I would eventually be working here in a foreign land. The TTC break had to be pro-longed as I wanted to settle down in my new Job.

After more than a year break I decided to try it again. But I was in a totally different mindset this time. I’m not desperate like before. I have accepted to live the life to the fullest with what I have and not to chase behind the unrealistic desires. If it doesn't happen it is not meant to be! Well at one point if everyone learns to accept the fact that not everyone will be blessed with everything in life, this acceptance will help one to move forward instead of being stuck.

FET procedure
Injection on Day 21 I think it is for down regulation
June 13th Period
Day 2 of the cycle start with 2 patches of estrogen once in 2 days (I usually place it below my belly button)
In between in week 2 I went for an intra-uterine scan, Dr informed me that the lining can be improved. Therefore increase the patches to 3 a day and also introduced ultrogestan.
During this time I had an office party and had to drink champagne, Dr’s advice was that I can have light alcohol until the time I do FET. I’m only a social drinker.
Day 21 FET was scheduled I took a medical for this day.

Procedure is pretty simple in this clinic. No full bladder! Usually since I find it a bit painful, I take a painkiller 30 minutes before the procedure.

After we minutes in the waiting room, we get called into the transfer room embryologists brief us about the thawed embryos. We had another embryologist this time. We both liked the earlier one who did last year. Not a good results. As one embryo was 3 cells and the other one had not cleaved. It is a Day 2 transfer. Ok not much hope then. But just before the transfer embryologist informed that the other embryo has cleaved into 2 cells as well.
3 cells and the one that cleaved into 2 cells last minute
I had to lie down, Dr will insert the vaginal speculum, clean the remaining of ultogestan, once its ready embryologist brings the catheter with the embryos are inserted. While doing this Dr asked me to slightly lift my buttocks. Its over in few minutes. Embryologist confirms that catheter is empty. I lie down for 30 minutes and get a taxi ride to home.

After reaching home I just made myself warmed up pre-cooked food. Watched TV and took a  good nap afterwards. As it was a Friday I had the weekend to take rest.

15 July 2014

After BFP

March - April 2013
at 4 weeks  – I felt very warm specially my head was heaty just like it is before cold and right side sharp pain
15th day post D2 Transfer – HCG 117 line of blood!
16th day post D2 Transfer – Line of blood with stretchy mucus
17th day post D2 Transfer – Brown spotting!! Am I getting my period?
18th day post D2 Transfer – Intra vaginal scan to confirm pregnancy but no embryonic sac seen! HCG 722

at 5 weeks – Yolk and sac seen. Relieved….Can I finally be happy that I’m pregnant. At least I will till the next scan.

at 7 weeks – Heartbeat seen, finally I can call myself pregnant. DH started to think about baby names. Not me as I’m more wiser on this whole journey and aware of the hurdles on the way.
7 weeks image
Since my last scan, I was occasionally nauseous bloated some cramps on right side.  However on Sunday and Monday I felt a bit more cramps. My next scheduled appointment is only on Thursday.

at 8 weeks - Dr scanned in several angles to detect the heartbeat but no heartbeat seen. Dr informed it is a spontaneous miscarriage most likely fetus stopped developing 5 days before. Perhaps this was the reason for cramps.
This was when heart beat could not be detected anymore
I should say even though it was hard to accept I was reasonably brave. I asked Dr about the next attempt for FET. First step is to wait for a natural miscarriage to happen. I started bleeding on the following week on Saturday. It was unbearable pain and blood flow was so heavy that I used 4 pads in an hour. By the time K went to pharmacy and got the pain killers it had come out. If you wish to see how it looked like click on this link. Warning image could be disturbing!!!!